Save Your Money Along with Your Health By Planting A Vegetable Garden

Can it be time to do something different with the backyard? Instead of installing a new swimming pool, why not start your very own vegetable garden? It is a fantastic way to do some physical work in the quiet of your yard, giving you a good way to relieve some of your stress. On top of that, you will spend less at the grocery store and will be able to provide your family top quality healthy produce.


Food is definitely increasing in price, today, even vegetables, and having a method to lower these costs would help anyone's budget. Your garden may not be big enough to completely feed your household, but it can definitely help to cut costs. Consider how wonderful it is to not have to constantly run to the store to buy vegetables. With appropriate planning and preservation, it's also possible to grow enough vegetables to feed your family for a full year. It is obvious that many children would prefer not to have veggies, but you can change that by starting them early enough on homegrown vegetables, and get them used to eating good vegetables.


Your youngsters may whine with the vegetables, but if you get across to them that you were out working in the dirt, so that they could be healthy. Get your children to come outside and help you, or give each of your children their own part of the garden to grow their own food. Permit them to choose a vegetable that they like to eat and then allow them to develop it on their own. While you're doing this, your children will also learn about the benefits to their health of eating fresh vegetables. The one thing that happens to be making lots of people sick is the fact that they are missing nutrients and minerals, that come from the soil. By being careful to boost your garden soil with nutrients, your family will experience better health.


With homegrown vegetables, you can expect to acquire a lot of roughage, minerals, and vitamins in your diet. Roughage is good for your entire digestive tract, and is good for normal bowel health. What's more, it really helps to lower cholesterol levels, prevent cancers, and keep heart disease at bay. Growing carrots, spinach, peas, as well as cabbage could help significantly. Growing tomatoes, celery in addition to potatoes will supply potassium, which can help keep your blood pressure at the right level, along with the normal function of muscles or the brain. You can help to provide your body with the minerals and vitamins it requires by growing different vegetables.


sissy gots yeagh big cousy got yeagh big cousy got yeagh and they put us back into our big girl seats and our year old sissys buckeled us back in and said now after nap time big sissys going to have a long talk with both of yall and we yawned dand asked if we could please have our pillows on there shoulders and sleep on there shoulders why sure sweet patatoes pies tank ou tank ous your so very very welcome laughing at how cute we were just then rubbing our little backs that a baby girls that a baby girls thats right put those little thumbs in those little mouths close those baby girl eyes and we did go nigh nigh and at p.m. naptime was over and they said hey sleeping beautys its time to wake up swettys otay otay let us have a little talk sweetys otay otay now sweetys they said in there sweet southern voices yall know better then to be unfastening yalls babyseats that was very naughty girls thing to do yall know that we make yall ride in them not to be mean because we love yall and wants to keeps yall safe even with the best year old driver ever augh thats so sweet said our year old sissy and are coussy said and are cousy and sissy says potty stop sweetys as we stoped in a roadside rest stop and we said cans wese haves a snacks sure and our year old sissys took us to the potty to go pee pee and whiped us and they pulled up our panties and pulled down our school skirts walked us over to the sinks lifted us up to wash our hands and dryed them for us and carried us and waited for our big sissy and cousey and went over to buy us a snack ok four bages of gummy warms and four little container of juice juice and straws and they bought the and year olds packs of starburst and juice and the and year olds said thats scary bags of gummy warms yeagh haugh they all agreed to them and they hooked us into our big girl seats and said wanta watch cars augh haugh sweetys ok they said kissing our heads and we had our snacks after the and year olds opened them for us and they took one and all four of them said that was for opening fee sweetys otayotay cans wese haves one of pses candys sorry sweety yall our too young ough mans and made a pouty facesand they kissed our lips to take care of them and we giggled at we were all bathed Thursday, July th AM Name Emily Sue Comments It was p.m. meaning dinnertime and it was very very cold almost christmas day are year olds who usuerally loved me and my identical twin year old sissy Jenny Sue had just left with the year old sissys Britaney Ann and Amy Ann who also loved us as much amd we started the bottem lip look which was followed by cry and as usueral after a minuet that they left and we started to cry and are yeaar old twin sissys Christy Beth and Melody Beth and year old twin sissys Gina Beth and Hannah Beth all four ran over to us knowing what it was that made we were crying about and came over to us gave us a hug and kissed us on the heads mmmmaaaa mmmmmaaaa its ok its ok sweetys and are year old sissys lifted us up carried us over to the couch and started cuddeling with us and said hey hows this for the weekend will pretend to be the ten year olds not by age but by love yalll mmmmeeeeeaaaaannnnnnssss iiitttsss we wouldent say it if we dident sweetys now hows about we dry those little eyes since its yalls first night ever without the and year olds also after we give yalls alls baths we call big siscy next door so yall can say goodnight and tomarow night and sunday night can wese sits on ous lappys for dinners breakfeasts lunches and dinners sure can at evrey meal hows bouts feedings usis ok sweetys no problem and will even give yall yalls baths at bathtime tonight otay ok sweetys otays siscys pk then we heard our year olds twins hey sweetys we said dinnertime pizza and they said sorry just had to calm down a couple of year old sissys ok then sweetys as they saw them drying our eyes and blowing our noses and said blow blow blow good girls good girls and kissed our heads and hugged us from behind as they were picking us up and carying us and sat us on our feet at the tabel and heard umm umm ummm and picked us up real quickly and said see sweetys that wasent that bad was it surgar pies augh augh augh augh and they said hey sis to our year old sissys yes sweetys can you please hand the year olds plates down to us they want us to feed them sure they said as one of them came up behind us kissed our heads as the years olds put our bibs on us saying thats it iam going to grandmas house and the year olds cut our pizzas into bite size on our teddy bear plates and filled our teddy bear sippy cups with juicey juicey and gave them to us and they said will give them there b.a.t.h.s tonight knowing how much we hate the b word and then can we make a phone call after bathtime with the girls to who young ladys to our neighbors to let them talk to there sissys let them say good night to them and they kept feeding us our pizza and giving us our juicey juicey then we wacthed some christmas shows then we heard right at p.m. its bathtime yall lets go and they carried us upstairs and picked up our abby cattabby footie jamies and went into the bathroom shut the door and undressed us the taller of the year olds turned on the foset and then they put in the bubbles and put us in and gave us our baths and finished us and dried us off ok our little duckeys out of the tub and got us into our abby cattabby panties and footie jamies and caried us over to the door and opened it and walked over to the hallway phone picked it up turned it on and started dieled and there year old sissys answered hello hi is our and year od sissys there we got a couple of year olds who would like to say night night and then she came over to the and year olds room and said hey Amber Beth Kelly Beth Britaney Ann Amy Ann yall got a phone call a couple of year olds would like to say nigh nigh girls yes mame yes mame and year olds Wendy Beth and Ashley Beth and year olds Nickey Ann and Marry Ann who also loved them both as much as there and year old sissys put it on speacker so that we can say good night too ok and they pushed the speaker bouton hello hey yall we got two little year old angels who want to say good night hey yall hows are sweet little angels well they were pretty upset and crying and ough no sweetys and they heard lets mese talks peas lets memes talks peas augh augh augh yall need to wait yals turns sweetys otay otay ok sweetys any bad reports nope they even behaved when we gave them there bubble baths still sniffeling a little and they could still here them sniffeling augh ppoor babys and then both year olds Wendy Beth and Ashley Beth and year olds Nickey Ann and Marry Ann said hold up got an idea sweetys and all four whispered to one another and then to there year old sissys and said ok sweetys and then told there b.f.f.s and they said ok good idea and they got back on the phone and said before they haveta say nigh nighs let us talk to the year olds but first to big sissys ok then big sis big sis yes yes Amber Beth Kelly Beth Britany Ann and Amy Ann would like to talk to yall for a couple of minuets before saying nigh nigh to the year olds ok then hello said Ashley Jo the older of the year olds hello hey sis i just heard of how upset the little tikes were when we left and we were talking and they all have an idea and the older of there year old sissys said Hello Ashley Jo sweety hey sweets whats up we were talking after hearing how upset the kids were hows this tomarow night and sunday night and we can drop them all off on monday morning actuley if yall dont have plans on monday hows this your family and mine go out together to the mall and and the baby girls sit on santas lap oh i love that idea sweetys ok now if they all dont behave yall know what to do just like ours spank there behinds and they heard four little girls yell hey and they said dont make us haveta come upstairs with the belt just kidding iam just saying when can we say nigh nighs to the year olds ok ok keep yalls jammies on untill we haveta spank yeagh and they said hey are little cuddlebugs did yall remember to brush yalls teath augh haugh and dont forget to say yalls prayers just like we taught yeagh yes mame we said ok and just then they heard two sets of yawns now dont misbehave for yalls year old sissys or else right before beddy bye will spank yalls bare behinds and at bathtime said there year olds b.f.f. will all four give yall yalls bath tomarow night said all four year olds otay nigh nigh cuddle bugs them nickbameing us that because we love to cuddle inspeacialy when ever were sad and we went into our bedroom which we shared with the and year olds and our year olds said now put yalls hands together like Carole Beth is doing said Suizzie Beth the older of them and then they lifted us up and put us into our bottem bunk can ouse peas seep in the ten ear olds beddy byes sure sure sweetys mmmmmaaaa nigh nigh mmmmmmaaaa nigh nigh then our year old twins kissed us then the year old twins and turned on the nigh nigh light read us us beddy bye time story and turned off the light and we behaved that night and the folowing morning untill a.m. and we were too exsitted about our first sleep over while our year olds sissys packed for us and we heard Emily Sue and Jenny Sue Robinsen we saw that said our year old sissys pulled down our cute little snow suite bottems and pulled down our abby cattabby panties and took us over her knee and spanked our bare behinds realy realy hard times waaaah waaaah waaah waaah waaah waaah pppplllleeeeeeaaaaasssseeeeee donnnnnnttttt teeeeellllls the year olds they will ssssspppppppaaaaaaannnnnnkkkkkk our bare behinds at bathtime and bedtime yall should of thought of that before running in the house which yall knwo by now is a realy realy big nonoes yes siscy ok sweetys will still going to tell them in an hour when them the year olds and there friends come to pick yall up otay oay we sighed ok cuddlebugs yall wanta cuddle some before they come pick yall up otay we said happily ok then and at a.m. straight they came up to the door knock knock ding dong wese gets its wese gets its we said walking to the door no wait for me said one of our year old sissys and lifted us up to see through the peep hole and saw siscys siscys siscys siscys siscys siscys hey sweetys they hear through the door and opened the door hey sweetys we tryed to hurry things up so that they wouldent get report but they still heard them there year old best friends scrunched down to our eye level and said naughty girls and spanked the back of our realy realy cute snw suiets times realy realy hard and we were whimpering and kissed our heads and gave us a big big huggys now yall will get a realy realy big spankings when we have bathtime and at beddy byes times added in our ten year old sissys and we went grocery shoping and behaved the rest of th eday and the next day Wednesday, July th PM Name Mary Beth Comments It was around a.m. and very very cold wintery morning dearing winter vacation and almost christmas we were eating breakfeast i was sitting on my year old sissy Laurie Ann and my identical twin sissys was sitting on our year old identical twin sissy Laura Anns lap and they were feeding us as we asked just then are year old just started babysitting cell phone rang and it was our year old sissy calling to check up on us which we finished and they said come on baby girls finish yalls sippy cup of juicey and they lifted it and said open wide and say augh augh we said and our year twin cousins Wendy Sue and Mindy Sue just aughed how cute and took a picture with there digitel camera so are the kids behaveing there selfs augh haugh ok then so quick pop quiz what do yall do with they dont behave spank there bare behinds said Wendy Sue the older of them good girls and what time is the and year olds naptime all day just kidding p.m. for a seconed there i thought that we would have to spank a couple of year old twins bare behinds with our belts just like last night when you wouldent haveta go to bed at bedtime sweetys and tonight when we say bedtime to yall what will yall do go upstairs change into our jammies and go to bed and sleep good girls ok got to go sweetys ok bye cous they said in there cheary way as usueral and they hung up and so did our cousins and said ok yall upstairs please its time to change into yalls dayly cloths and there is no going outside today because its suppose to be so cold outside and if yall do what will yall get wese gets spankens said myself and Laurie Ann good girls they stood up came around and patting our heads and kissing our heads cans wese peas stays in our footie jammies so did our year old sissys us toos usis toos peas and they talked to each other for a couple of minuets and they said sure sweetys baby girls otay tank ous and then we were lifted by our year old sissys and carried us upstairs even though yall arent getting dressed yall still need to go upstairs with usand wait oh mans sesemee streets on will wacth them for yall said our year rold cousis ok then sweetys thanks now yall behave and do as big cousys say otay as Mindy Sue was turning on sesimee street and Wendy Sue carried us and our year old sisys in will bring down there abby cattabby blinkys downstairs and there dools which they did bring them down with them as we sang along to the song and saw abby cattabby we started yelling abby cattabby abby cattabby and they said calm down sweetys calm down shh shh shh and kissed our forheads all better augh haughs augh haughs ok girls cuddle up with big sissys yeaghs yeaghs yeaghs ok ok and we did and wacthed sessamee street and our year old sissys helped us with learning and then at the end they said want to to turn off t.v. and play school and house yeagh yeagh yeagh siscys ok ok girls ok will be the year old cousies and student assistents and the rest of yall can be our misbehaveing year olds and just then they heard ding dong and the year olds got it hey yall it was there b.f.f.s and next door neighbors year old Pauly Sue and Molly Sue hey yall come on in hey yall wanta play we were just about to play school and house with us as the year old cousins and student assistents and them being the naughty little year old sissys ough ough ough can i be the princeable and one of the older sissys said Pauly Sue and and can i be the pre school teacher and the other older sissy ok then and they started and Molly Beth and Holly Beth came into the year olds pretend bedroom and said hey cuteies time to wake up sweetys while Pauly Sue and Molly Sue were at the kitchen set pretending to cook scrambeled eggs and bacon and we real year olds were being carried for rreal the rest were pretending to be carried on lappys ok sweetys otay and we pretended to eat brakfeast and theysaid after wards time to change and get ready for school then go to schools and then we all said yes sissys and we did get ready and pretended to brush our teath and they made our hair up and made our other sissys to look like year olds and went to the bed which we pretended was the mini van and got us all in and our pretend older sissys who were the princeable and the one who was also the pre school teacher and they pretended to strap us all into our pretend baby seats and went to school and pretended not to behave and got spanked by Molly Sue and then by Pauly Sue and then we got another pretend spanking when we got home and then we heard from the real year old sissys lunch in five minuets yall and then we all washed our hands and ate then they said naptime yall woke up an hour later and saw our year old sissys and wacthed t.v. had dinner wacthed more christmas speacial then bath then bed Tuesday, July th AM Name Jenny Rose Comments It was the last day before winter vacation and we on the mini van ride to the elementery middle and high school like evrey year old on car rides i fell asleep so my year old twin sissy Jessy Ann and Betsy Ann got my abby cattabby blinkey pillow and abby cattabby doll out of my backpack gave me my doll and put my blinkey over me and put my pillow on there shoulder and carefully put my head on Jessy Anns shoulderso that it wouldent hit the side of my baby seat wake me up crying and Betsy Ann tapped our year old Wendy Sue who was sitting in the passenger seat yes cutey mind turning the radio down and putting yalls cell phones on silent why look behind yall umm humm i see and she leaned over and whispered to her twin Mindy Sue look in the back augh how cute nighty nights sweety big sissys love you sweety right behind us was are cousins who we were going to be moving in with and Wendy Sue texted her twin year old cousins yall should see how cute your year old little cousy looks and took a picture and texted it send and Molly Sue got it looked at it augh how cuttttteeeee and handed it back to there year old twin sissys look and they both loved me and my cutest and you heard from there back seat with there year old a month older then me and year old a month older then my twin year old sissys augh how cutes and they saw two year old yawns a few blocks away from there schools nighty nights and they drove them the rest of the way to school and when they got there one of my year old twins carried me the other carried my Abby cattabby back pack same as are year old cousins by there year old cousins and into the school and into the classroom and kissed the three of of us on the head and said ok yall its time to wake up sweetys pies and kissedour foreheads again and after putting our cousins in there desks they both came over to me and kissed my head morning sweety you ready to move in with big cousins and the year olds said yes we all are ready to move in as we were getting put down our big cousys came over and smacked the back of my school uniform skirt now you behave for big sissy and couseys and do evreything they say dont make them have to send you to our office ough dont worry if we do she will be going with a sore bottem and then she will get another one if she has to go to our office you got it and smacked the back of there twin year old twin sissys said now i see Rodney Lee Markie Ray and Craigy Ray and they knew that they are there boyfriends and they ran over put there hands over there eyes guess whos santy clausey ho ho ho have yall beens good boys this years humm let us see here not as good as are girlfriends girlfriends haugh augh haugh and are they ice to yall augh haugh as a matters of facts tey rights behinds us with there hands over our eyes ough realy probe its they were standing up and smacked the back of there school uniform pants ouchies and gave out a fake cry waaah its otey its otey mommys gors yeagh they said calming them down later on at art neigther girls and the boys and were spanked and sent to the girls big sissys and cousiys and each got a spanking realy realy hard and called the year old triplet boys year old twin sissys who were the elementery school nurses and they said send them all down to our office for a spanking we thought yall may asked there on there way sweety tbanks sweetys and we went down and got another spanking on our bare behinds and we went back to class just in time for lunch and so we had lunch napped and went home and moved nextdoor to our cousys and had dinner a bath a bedtime spanking and then bedtime with a story and abby cattabby dollys Monday, July th PM Name Kaycee Lynn Comments It was the first day of winter vacation and me and my identical twin year old sissy Kaley Rose were being babysat by our year old twin sissys with our year old twin sissys year old twin sissys year old twin sissys year old twin sissys year old twin sissys year old twin sissys and year old twin sissys and it was too cold for us to go outside and play and we were even warned that if we go outside will get a spanking on our bare behinds but it was so boring inside and so my self and Kalee Rose snuck outside right about the time that our year old twin sissys Riley Ann and Britaney Ann were suppose to come home from cheerleading practice who just like our and year old sissys already graduated from high school being so smart and were just like them student assistents in our pre school class and they were walking home in there cheerleading uniforms and lettered jackets and saw coming and Britany Ann who saw us first hey Riley Ann yall to her twin sister and her friends doesent that look like our little year old sissys yeagh it couldent be because they were told at breakfest that it was way too cold outside outside today and they both looked again and saw that it was the same pants and tee shirts that they pu on them and then saw there same jackets and they both scrunched down right infront of them picked them up and held them so close to there cheerleading uniform and covered them with there jackets and said naughty naughty girls yall just wait till we get yall home we will take yall upstairs and spank yalls bare bottems do we understand big sissys yes big sissys ok then sweetys and kissed our forheads and walked the rest of the way home were home andwe brought a couple of escapeys realy sweetys said the year olds strange those look like our year old sissys and saw how we were keeping warm and our year sissys came over and saw us and said naughty naughty girls going out when told no to going outside and smacked the back of our snowpants realy realy realy hard and said now lets get yall upstairs and yall spanked on the bare behinds and warm ya i can wese wears ours jammies for the rest of the days tpdays just a seconed said our year old sissys ohhhhh big sis yes Kaycee Lynn and Kaylie Rosewants to know if they can wear there jammies for the rest of the day today sure sweetys now lets go and they carried us upstairs to our room took off our snowsuite and pulled down our abby cattabby panties and took us over there knees smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack wahhhhh wahhhh wahhhh shhh shhh shhh its ok sweetys its ok see were not mad anymore and kissed our forheads and went under our pillow got out our abby cattabby jammies and put our footie jamies on us and zipped us up and heard our tummys growling oh my goodness why no wonder its lunchtime and just then we heard beeep over our intercom system and Carrie Ann went over holding me and pushed the bouton yes mame yes sweetys lunch is ready grilled chease and carrote sticks ok and then they heard carrite ticks uckies we put ranch on them realy yummy we thought yall would chand yalls tunes ok then and they picked us up carried us downstairs while were down there can wese sits on ous laps sure and can ous peas feeds us sure thing baby cakes tank oues mmmmaaaa mmmmmaaaa yall are so welcome they said kissing our forheads and put us on our feet for only a couple of minuets and we sarted whineing and picked us up shhh shhh shhh its ok its ok its ok we only had to put yall down for us to sit down sweetys otay sissys we said sniffeling and thneey said valm down yall our fixxing to get somthing to eatand kissed our heads again andthe one said now its lunchtime taking half of our grilled chease and blowing on it and then saidx open wide and we did and ate it then the other half and then our carroite sticks with ranch and had our sippy cups holding onto the handles of them and we drank our milk and Briteney Ann and Riely Ann said ok and year olds time for naptime sweetys ok then we said yawning so was our year old sissys and we all for got carried upstairs to our room and of course us to the lower bunk of were our year old sissys slept and the and year olds just sat there rubbing my backs and said nightynights amd kissed our forheads sleep tight suger babie love an hour later we were up sitting our olderlap cuddeled and wacthing christmas showsthen dinner pizza then bathtime then bedtime for all of us Monday, July th AM Name Sally May Comments It was summertime evening at around p.m. and myself and my little year old identical twin sissy Hally Sue were getting carried into our bedroom half asleep and yawning by our year old twin sissys Cary Beth and Mary Beth and they said my my my our little angels had a very busy day as they layed us into our beds and our year old sissys came over to us bended down and kissed us on our forheads mmmmmmmaaaahhhh mmmmmmmaaaaahhhhh nighty nights sweetys as we were fighting our sleep and then our year old sissys Jenny Lynn and Nickey Lynn and Cary Beth and Mary Beth said four said naughty girls said the year olds naughty naughty girls said the year olds said yall know better then to be fighting sleepyness yall are just about to get spanked as they lifted up the blinky and pulled down there short jammies bottems and there panties and the year olds took them over there knees smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack wahhhhh wahhhhhh wahhhhhh shhhh shhh shhhhh its ok its ok shhh shhh shhh big sissy gots yeagh big sissy got yeagh big sissy got yeagh and gave us another kiss on the forheads and gave another hug and then they put us back into beddy bye and said ok sweetys we got to have a little chat sweetys said the year olds while the year olds climbed up the steps to the bunk on top of ares and said that was realy realy naughty not going nigh nighs when yall are tirded sweetys pies or else yall could get sicky if yalls dont gets enough sleep and picked out a book while our year old sissys was packing all of our cloths for camp spanking kids were our year old sissys were going to be councelers since they already graduated from elementery middle and high school and were student assistents in our pre school class that we were going to be into for this year olds and four year olds coming up pre school class and so did our and year olds ines who were going to be jr counselers in our pre school cabbern and they said ok we got there short skirts there blue jean skirts there bib overalls and said ok yall go nigh nigh and then they woke us up at a.m. we asked if could sit on our year old sissyscould we peas sits on yalls laps and feeds usis sure sweetys and carried us downstairs sat us on there laps and said hey sis yes sweetys can yall please hand on down two surten little just turned year old sissys bowls of cerial so that we can feeds them sure and they fead us and put our sippy cups of milk up to our mouths and we drank all gone and patted our heads and kissed our heads good girls baby girls and picked us both up and carried us both upstairs to our room to get us dressed and took out our bluejean skirts our my little ponys undies our pink socks with ribbons and our camp spanky kids shirts and got us dressed and said hot pink sneakers or hot pink cowgirl bottys cow girls bottys peas ok sweetys and put them on us and did our hair in two pony tails and put our camp spanken kids hats on us and went into the bathroom and brushed our teath realy good and heard over the intercom ok girls time to get going got our and the baby girl princesses tote bags and saw oh man we almost forgot there abby cattabby dolls and said keep them out since it will be a six hour bus ride for camp and they went out to the bus came right at a.m. being the first stop right infront there house them and there next door neighbors and best friends and the kids babysitters and there year old twin sissys year old twin sissy and year old sissys who just turned just like them and all four year olds got fastened into there babyseats by there year old sissys then handed them there abby cattabby dolls and gave them there kissys and hugggys look one kissy and huggy coming for four little year old sissysand they asked there year old sissys so did yall remember to pack lunches yep ham and chease sandwhiches since we dident want anything as sticky as penut butter and jelly on those brand new babyseats chips and juice boxes and for descert a cookie what kinds surger and messaged napkins realy sweetys yep ippies ippies and they leaned over said tank ou and kissed there heads your welcomes ok my little sweety pies and started the movie of cars on there portable d.v.d. player and an hour they were at the next stop and then got kids on and then went the third stop at ten they got there then fourth stop at and fifth stop at one by then we had lunch and were napping and at p.m. we got there first off were our year old sissys who stood with the other counselers and then our and year olds were with the other jr councilers and righ next to us pre school group and we stood there and got our bunk bed assignments Wednesday, June th PM Name Lindsy May Comments It was dearing summertime and my identical twin sissy Mindsy May and i were years old and it was a.m. and we were eatting breakfeast sitting on our year old sissys laps us in our camp pre school spanking shirts and shorts and our year old sissys in there camp pre school spanking counceler shirts and feeding us our cerial and giving us our milk while they heald it since we were very nervice and they put us down and smacked the back of our skirts to get us going and our year old sissys Marry Kate and Carry Kate went upstairs to pack for us for two weeks at camp and then are year old sissys are year old sissys and year old cousin and they said ok yall are packed what about our Abby Cattabby dolls got them sweetys a little bit latter it was p.m. it was lunchtime penut butter and jelly sandwhiches with patatoe chips then it was time to meet the bus to go to camp big sissys scrunched down and kissed our forheads mmmmmmaaaaaa behave for year old big sissys and year old cousies and smacked the back of our shorts as a reminder then otay siscys as our year old sissys lifted us up and our year old cousies picked up our year old sissys and said off to the baby seats climbed up the steps onto the bus and to our babyseats and sat us down and buckeled us in and were off ok yall naptime otay since we dident wants spankins and when we woke up an hour later we were half way there hey ther cuties how was yalls naps otay otay as they kissed our heads and we smiled and laughed cutely thats our babygirls and kissed our heads againand an hour later they got to the camp and got the luggage off the top the councilers got off then us and the other pre schooler and introused them selfs and while doing that they heard hi siscys hi sweetys and dident behave just then and got spanked on our bare behinds Monday, June th AM Name Wendy Sue Comments It was a very cold morning nearly christmas and were heading to the mini van myself and Mindy Sue were year old being carried by our year old sissys who had alltrsfy graduated and were student assistents in our pre school class and we heard wait wait from our year old cousys who were also student assistents in our class and they hooked us into our babyseats and were handed our abby cattabby dolls since we know living with yall that they cant sleep without them and then Holly Ann and Molly Ann took them out of our baby seats for a minuet and started leacthering them abb cattabby yall know better then to be staying in bed when yall know that we ae going to Wendy Sue and Mindy Sue and yall cant sleep without yall now since we see tears coming give us huggys and they did now appolagise for to Wendy Sue and Mindy sue for making them cry and just then our year old twins and year old twins came out to the mini van and kissed us on the head can ou peea puts our abby cattabby pillows onto ous shoulder and they said ok then sweetys and put our pillows on there shoulders and we layed on there shoulders with there help so we dident hit our heads on the sides of our carseats just then our year old sissy and cousi came out and our sissy asked our cousy if she wanted to drive you know iam a better passenger then driver yeagh i remember and our sissy got into the driver seat infront of me and Jenny May got in infront of Mindy Sue and Amber Sue started the mini van and pushed the bouton to open the garage and said ok say bye byes to the house see you in a couple of weeks and Molly Ann tapped Jenny May on the shoulder and looked in the back and saw it and said hey cous look in your rearview mirror ough how cute aught ough looks like Wendy Sue and Mindy Sues pillows are starting to fall and Molly May and Holly May said sweetys will take care of that and lifted our heads for a seconed and started umm ummm ummm shhh shhh shhh go back to nighs go back to night nights thats right put that thumb back into that mouth and we went back to sleep nigh nigh sleepy heads nighs nighs cuties and they woke us back up at a.m. and they said breakfeasttime yall heres yalls cherios and then Amber Sue and Jenny sue heard the sound of a babyseat unfastening and they both looked and saw i just unfastened my babyseat and Amber Sue yelled out Wendy Sue Johansen you are just about to get spankings for that young lady yes mame as she pulled over to the side of the road got out and opened my door got me out and pulled dow nmy snowsuit bottems and panties and smack smack smacksmack smack smack smack smack smack smack wahhhhhh wahhhhhhh wahhhhhhhh shhh shhh shhh its ok sweety big sissy has yeagh big issy has yeagh shh shh shh and cuddeled me and put me back into my babyseats and Holly May buckeled me back in nd said naughty naughty girl after breakfeast we will have a little chat will yeagh feed me sure thing sweety and she opened up my little thing of cherios and getting her hands in there open wide and say augh augh now chew augh chew augh chew last hand full sweety augh crunch crunch crunch crunch and got her little box of juicey juice now do want to hold it or big sissy big sissy ok then tank ou your welcome sweety pie and put my straw in it and said put your lips around the straw and i sipped and then she said good job cuteie you ate all your breakfeast and drank all of your juiceie juice and kissed the top of my head and said now for that talk ok hold on sis i also have a few things to add in said Molly Ann and they started now Wendy Sue Johansen es it was very very naughty that you unfastened your babyseat and you know better young lady you know that we keep you in your babyseat to keep you safe and sound even though big sissys one of the best drivers ever on the road i thank you for that sweetys and then are year old cousin leaned over the seat and kissed me on my head you better be glad that it wasent me giving you that spanking or else you wouldent be sitting in that baby seat too comfy yes big cousi then we wacthed d.v.d.s and laughed along to it and we arived at grammy and grandpys at around p.m. got a bath and then bedtime Thursday, June rd AM Name Lizzy Ann Comments It was the night of the christmas pasgent at our school mtself and my twin sissy Lizzy Ann were years old our year old twin sissys were getting us dressed after a bath and a spanking afterwards for not behaveing in the tub for the year old sissys Cassie Ann and Cassie Ann and they went back over and brushed our hair and put it in two preety pony tails and said there now we look like two little princesses tank ou tank ou your very bery welcome leaned down and kissed are heads mmmmmaaaaah mmmmaaaaaah then kissed our cheacks mmmmmmaaaaahhhhhh mmmmmaaaaahhhhhhh and put there arms around us squeaze squeaze and and smacked the back of our skirts three times now were not going to have any problems with yalll tonight like we had at bathtime no big sissy Cassie Ann no big sissy Cassie Ann good girls they said patting our heads and we were going down the hall and the year olds sissys who were also our pre school teachers came out of there room jokingly yalls magistee yalls magistee jokingly and saw our Abby Cattabby dollys in our hands now they are going to haveta stay in yalls big girl seats so that they can protect the mini van and we saids o comes ons sissys no i swear if yall even trjy to take them inside the school will take them out of the yalls hands put them back in yalls babyseats take yall into the spankings rooom lift up yalls dresses pull down yalls panties and spank yalls bare behinds young ladys do we make our selfs clear and if they haveta spank yall there will spank yall again when we get home and into our bedroom and changeing yall and if yall are already asleep will spank yall tomarow morning before breakfeast es siscy ok babycakespicked us up ok yall time to go and they said ok sis we all said then Holly Beth unlocked the mini van doors as Casie Beths both put or Abby Cattabby jackets gloves and macthing scarves on us and are cute macthing dress shoes and Cassie Ann opened the door to the house and heard from me burr it colds and Holly Beth said ough i almost forgot and pushed the bouton on the remote for the mini van that started the mini van tank ou tank ou and opened up the mini van side doors and put us into our babyseats and Cassie Beths both hooked us into are babyseats and Cassie Beths both put our blinkeys over us now since we put our blinkeys over yall doesent mean yall can goes nighs nighs its to keep yalls warmys ok sweetys otay otay ok sweetys love yall mmmmmaaaahhh mmmmmmaaaaaahhhhhhh and our year old sissys both said augh how sweet so are yall ready to go see santy clause augh haugh augh haugh wese justs tryings to figure out from Abby Cattabbys what theys wants us to mension to santy clause since they cant come in with us ough i know what they wants whats whats to become a full fairys let us talk to them for a seconed otay otay and they handed overand they asked now Abby Cattabby what do yalls wants for christmas and they lifted there mouths up to there ears and they said augh haugh augh haugh augh haug ok then and they we said whats theys says whats theys says its a secreat ok otay otay ok then sweet patatoe pies by then we pulled in followed by our cousys and opened the mini van doors burrs it colds yeagh its colds ok then and then my twin said augh haugh augh haugh augh haugh ok yall blinkys off yall wanta walk or be carried walks walks and they lifted us and put us down hold up cous yeagh cous there dresses look bigger then when we left and they reached up aught ough look what i found sissys abby cattabby whats theys doings under theres they hid because they wants to go in and sees us performs even after we tell them no that is why we brought our videocamera said Cassie Ann dats whats wese tolds dem buts theys no listens ough will take care of that said Cassie Ann and Cassie Ann took our Abby Cattabbys out of our hands and said naughty naughty naughty little fairys in training girlstrying to get our sweet little baby sissys into trouble yes Lizzy Anns and Lizzy Anns big siscy now because of yalls there going to havta get spankings and they put them back into the baby seats now will deal with yall later yes miss Lizzy Anns and Lizzy Anns big sissys ok yall and they left the mini van closed it locked it and went into the school knowing that there spankings were already done and needed cuddeled and caught them just as they were coming out the spanking room and went down and lifted them up and cuddeled with them augh its ok sweetys its ok sweetys big sissys here just then there year olds cousys came up behind them covered there eyes and said guess who and we said santy claudeys nope guess again Britaney Anns and Britanys Anns thsts rights sweetys but were at school so what do yall call us Lizzy Ann Wolf and Lizzy Ann Wolf miss Wolf and miss Wolf that right sweetys or princeable Wolf and Assistent princeable Wolf otay sorrys sorrys thats ok sweet patatoe pies and then saw there other cousys with them on there sides and they asked what were yall doing with yalls little sissys Abby Cattabby dolls well they wanted to sneek in from the mini van so they hopped yalls little year old cousys dresses so we had to have a little talk with them and tell them that when we get back out to the mini van we would spank them ok then sweetys and they got to there pre school class with there year old sissys teachers and year old sissys student assistent then they all went holding the pre school rope so that nobody got lost in the crowded hallways and are student assistent were went over to catch up to us with us ough look sis said one i see a little sea of pre schoolers on the pre school rope umm humm and at the front the shortest of the year olds its our twin cousins Lizzy Ann and Lizzy Ann ough how pretty as they our looking tonight you mean princesses Lizzy Ann and Lizzy Ann and nealt down jokingly yalls magisty yalls magisty they bowed jokingly otay then otay then wese laughed and went into the pre school through high school auditoriam got our seats in front row and sat down us on our year old sissys laps and the year old sissys on are year old cousis and next door neighbors and babysitters laps and both year old sissys leaned over and gave us kissys on our forhead and cheacks when our year old cousys and princeable and assistent princeable came onto the stage and introduced them selfs and talked then first is the cutest in our school the pre schoolers singing here comes santy clause and up on the roof top and we sang then minuets later it was over and we all left to go sit on santys knee and they said dont worry were not going to spank yall we knew it was Abby Cattabbys fault sweet patatoes otay otay as we went to sit on santys lappy and he said ho ho ho and whats your name sweety i said in my sweet little year old cute voice Lizzy Ann and how old are you sweety and have you been a good all year well augh haugh and i said and what do you want for christmas and i told him well well well you behave for your big cousys and sissys and i will see what i can do and then it was Lizzy Anns turn and she asked her and she told her what she wanted and then we both had a big yawn oh my goodness what a big yawn sweetys and our year old sissys came out with our year old cousys and are year old sissys offered to take usok sweetys and had us in there arms ough i think that two little year olds will be out by time they get out to there babyseats and we got out to the parkinglot and Cassie Ann pushed the panic bouton and it started honking and yelled Abby Cattabby the fairy in training yall stop honking that horn and get back into those baby seats were good little fairys in training are suppose to be or else will give yall a worser spanking young fairys in training hey yall we almost forgot since yalls sissys has taugh work early tomarow were coming home with yall and spending the night then tomarow will be babysitting yall all day cuties yeagh yeagh we said sleepily well its a good thing that we gave yall yalls baths earlier augh haugh augh haugh then and they put us in our babyseats and hooked us in and kissed our forheads and said nighs nighs nighty nights as she put our blinkys over us and kissed us again and said loves yeagh as we put our thumbs in our mouths thats right put those little year old thumbs in your mouths and go nighty nights and we did while both Casie Anns were spanking our abby cattabbys good and hard and comfered them and said now yall goes nighs nighs and they did when we got home they carried us into the house and changed us into our jammies and we asked to sleep with them cause we had night mares ok sweety otay Wednesday, June nd PM Name Lizzy Beth Comments It was almost christmas day and we were on vacation my year old twins Hannah Jean was driveing Manda Jean in in the passenger seat me behind my big sissy being year old in my babyseat and my twin sissy Lizzy Beth behind the passenger seat in her babyseat our year old sissys between each us and pur year old cousins behind us in there babyseats year old sissys Penny Beth and Penny Beth right next to them there year old sissys Sarah Jean and Sarah Jean next to them and just then they heard two clicks that sounded like babyseats unfastening and Hannah Jean said Lizzy Beth and Lizzy Beth Johansen i know that i dident just hear two babyseats unfasten girls cause i am just about to pull over and blister two little years olds bare backsides do we make are selfs clear young ladys yes siscy yes siscy as she was pulling over and while we were pulling over hahahahaha little cousys getting spankings little cousys getting spankings and then they heard now they are not the only ones getting spankings yes siscy yes siscy while they pulled over to the side of the road put it in park opened her van door while Sarah Jean opened the middle door on her side after taking the kids out of there babyseats pulled down there abby cattabby snowsuiets pants and underwear and spanked there bare behinds hard with the swicth spank spank spank spank spank spank spank spank spank spank wahhhhhh wahhhhh wahhhhhh as they pulled up there panties and snow suiet pants and put them back into there babyseats then all the year olds said now lets have us a little talk sweetys no no no yous talks wese listens ok then and they all agreed and said Penny Beths yall goes first ok then sweetys why its importent to ride fastened into yalls babyseats and they started and minuets later they heard ok kiddys since its still late being a.m. goes backs toes nighs nighs cans wese sleeps on ous shoulders can wese sleeps on ous shoulders what can we sits on ous shoulders peas otay otay they said laughingly and put our abby cattabby pillows on there shoulders and rubbed our backs shhhhh shhhhhhh put your those little thumbs in those little mouthys shhhhh shhhhhh shhhhhhh ok then nighty nights shut those little blue eyes as our year old sissys and year old cousys took off our glasses and put them in there purses and then the older Lizzy Beth sitting next to me and my favorite one tapped on Mary Jeans shoulder yes sweety shhh turn down the radio we got two little and two little year oldsd sleeping ough got it and she did then she turned down her cell phone and her sissys and she said hey sweety what are you doing look in the rear view mirror haugh ough now i see and then we woke up at the time we usuerally woke up when there was no school ok yall breakfeast as little things of cherios and juice boxxes were were passed out scue mese siscy yes my little huggabugg can ou peas fees mese mese toos mese toos us toos peas ok yall as they got our glasses out of there purses and put them on us ok sweetys lets have breakfeast sweets as they got a hand full of cherios and said open sweetys augh augh augh augh close which we did and chew a few more later we ate and then we all four said juse juse peas siscy ok are little angels and put the straws into our drinks and said let sissys hold and we drank our jusy jusy while big sissys drank theres and the four year olds drank there juice after there begal sandwhiches and then we asked for a tory peas ok then and got a story out of my abby cattabby backpack and we said dont forgets to lets abbys cattabbys dollys sees the pictures since they cant read yet just like we cant dont we always augh haugh and they kissed our heads and hugged us so did our older cousys our year old cousys then us all four of youes our as nice as mommys to us even when yall leacther us and spanks uses and then they said sure then started the story abby cattabbys first day of pre school read it then played a little mommy we cants finds abbys cattabbyhs and they looked for it and found it and we travled to grammy and grandpys Monday, June th PM Name Emily Jean Comments It was a couple days before christmas and my twin sissy and i Melody Jean years old and it was p.m. and we were just getting our baths from our year old twin sissys Holly May Molly May and our year old twin sissys Carry Ann and Marry Ann who were all four the sweetest to me and to Melody Jean and said hey sweetys heres yalls jammies sweets Abby Catabby footie jammies tank ou tank ou your welcome cuties and they reached in and pulled us out and goten us out of the tub theres our nice and clean little baby girls lets get yall dryed off and into the clean underwear and footie jammies and put our abby catabby panties and jamies on us and zipped us up and carried us into beddy bye and Holly May and Molly May untucked our beds and our year old sissys carefully put us in them and we tucked us in and in came our year old sissys and then our year old twin sissys reached down and kissed us mmmmmaaaaaa love yeagh sweety mmmmmmaaaa love yeagh sweety squeaze squeaze then our year old sissys mmma mmmma love yall love yell otay otay and then our year old sissys who slept above us mmmmmmmaaaaa mmmmmmaaaaa we love yeagh we love yeagh if yeagh have any nightmares juat scream and will let you sleep in our beddy byes with us and kissed us together and climbed upstairs to there bunks read us a nighty nights story and went to sleep because they dident want big sissy to spank there bare behinds and at around p.m. they woke up to the sound of us screaming augh augh augh augh augh shhhh shhhh shhhhh its ok sweets its ok sweets its just a nigh nigh mares shhh shhh shhh and took us up to there beds while our year old sissys were packing juice boxxes for us to take our vacation and the one said so did you remember to leave the year olds check sweety ok sweety and they then heard us screeming aught ough i think i hear two little year olds having a nighnighmares augh poor babys augh hugh lets go upstairs to sooth them and see with they wants to sleep with us in our room and went upstairs and into the bedroom to see our year old sissys cuddeling us and said will just take over and take them downstairs to a quiet room carry them upstairs with us to our room and let us sleep with us only if we can come to sweetys excuse us we mean please sweetys ummm sure thing since we can tell yall love them and put there warm and fuzzy slipers on them picked us up and carried them to the family room and they we went nighnigh in our big sissys arms with our thumbs in our mouths and at p.m. they said augh sweetys looks just like when they were sleeping when they were little babys shh we just put the babys down for a nap sweetys augh there so cute ummm humm and they each lifted us up and carried us to there bedroom and the year old twins took us to the spare bed carefuly laying us down then them and tucked then our year old sissys tucked us all in and kissed us nighty nights nighty nights mmmmaaaaa mmmmmaaaaa and they went to sleep smileing love yall they whispered to us and they woke up at a.m. and woke up the rest of them and they got dressed and on the road with the kids in there reguler seats and babyseats sleeping then at a.m. we woke up and ate there chereos and juice and the years olds said feeds us feed us what sweetys feeds us peas ok otay thats better and they fed us and held our juice box while we drank Monday, June th PM Name Ashley Sue Comments It was the last day of school before winter vacation and me and my identical twin younger year old sissy Ashley Sue were getting dressed for school by our year old twin sissys Holly Sue and Pauly Sue who were also student assistent in our pre school class and said yall excided about yalls first field trips to Santy town to see Santy Clause augh haugh augh haugh that good to hear as they were finishing putting our school uniform skirts and shirts on us kissing our forheads and patting our heads and we heard our year old sissys getting there bare behinds spanked by our year old twin sissys and student assistents in our pre school class and then Holly Sue went over to the intercom and pressed the bouton for our big sissys room beep yes sweetys yes do we have two speacial lunches ready for two sweet as sweet patatoe pie year olds first fieldtrips we sure do sweetys thank you sweetys your weclome and they heard me saying as Holly Sue was holding me whats its ough we cant say sweet patatoe pie who is as cute as a set of abby catabbys new dollys first given on a couple of year olds birthday and they said hey sweetys es siscys have yall gotten yalls christmas list made yet yes they have said the year olds can we please see them we need to make sure that the things are on there age limits and report them to santy clause ok otay then they said its a.m. yall time to go since school started at a.m. and they said otay ok and they took us potty since it was a thirty minuet ride to the pre elementery middle and high school and went over to us picked us up after we were done doing our business and pulled up our abby cattabby panties and pulling down our school uniform skirts and making sure that our shirts were tucked in and our ties were tightly tied and buckeled our shoes up put our abby cattabby winter coats abby cattabby gloves and put out hoods over our heads and put us into our babyseats yawn i see those yawns i see those yawns and got our abby cattabby blinkys and dollys out of our backpacksanx gave our dolls to us and covered us with our blinkeys and said thats right cuties put those thumbs in those to go nighs nighs just then our year old sissys friends and our nextdoor neighbors came over with there twin sissys year old twin sissys year old twin sissys and years old twin sissys and said they all fastened us all in and they said augh how cute Ashley Sue and Ashley are going back to nighs nighs if only we could get Carry Sue and Carry Sue would go nighs nighs and they drove us off to the school and we slept so Holly Sue and Polly Sue folowed by our year old sextuplet cousins who happened to be the princeable assistent princeable high school adminastrater elementery school adminastrater pre school adminastrater and pre school teacher our teacher even and the elementery school adminastrater came up behind are year old sissys and smacked them on the back of there skirts extra extra hard and said i hope yall are going to behave much much much better and our year old sissys said what yall talkiing about umm what yall mean cous what our we talking about them getting into truoble yesterday and why are we just hearing about it girls thats funny i thought that yall would have gotten the note that we sent home with them to sign and bring back to us today what note as are year old sissys started walking faster and heard Heather Beth Heather Jean freaze it right there girls and they did knowing they couldent out run our year old sissys since they were on the track and croos countery team and they caught up to them and said ok hand over the barbie backpacks right now young ladys and knew which pockets the importent notes belonged in and opened it and got them out and said naughty girls and the other one said naughty naughty girls and hurried up and signed it and handed them over to there cousin and grabed onto there ears and started pulling there ears and asked her if they could please barrow her elementery school adminastraters office sure thing sweetys and they went into there office lifted up there skirts and pulled down there panties smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack and put there bawling there little selfs panties up and skirts down and said there there now sweetys we forgive yall big sissys got yeagh shhh shhhh shhhh shhhhhh and kissed there forheads and then while that was happening our sextuplets with us were going to the pre school class they felt tugg tugg tugg yes sweetys can wese peas bees carrys surething sweetys and they picked us up and carried us since we were still half asleep and half awake and we went back to sleep and when we got there they kissed our foreheads and said nicely Ashley Sue Ashley Sue time to wake up sweetys and what do we say to big couseys tank yous tank yous yall our so welcome sweetys so yall ready for yalls first fieldtrips es es thats our cute little year old sweet cousi wasies which was there cute nicknames for us ok sweety pies mmmmmaaaa mmmmmmaaaaa big good for big cousi miss Jennings which happened to be our last names since she was our cousins otay otay enjoy yalls first field trips enjoy yalls first field trips tank ou your welcome as they put our stuff on our hooks and as they were going out our year old twins came into our classroom and read the roll for the class and we went out to the school bus and then we went onto the school bus were we saw our kindergarden sissys as we were getting fastened in so was the seconed graders into there boster seats and rode there Thursday, June th PM Name Suzzie Beth Comments It was almost christmmas day the last day of school before christmas and myself and my identical younger twin sissy Lucie Jean were year olds our year old twin sissys Molly Sue and Holly Sue who were smart enough to graduate from high school early was the princeables and assistent princeables student assistents and our year old sissys who had alredy graduate and were student assistents in our pre school class and our year old twin sissys who were the sweetest to us and carying us because just like evrey car trips we fell asleep in our babyseats and the year old twins came over to us and said Suzzie Beth Lucie Jean time to wake up sweetys and kissing our foreheads and our year old twin sissys sat down in our desk and our year old twin sissys went over and put our abby cattabby backpacks with our blinkeys pillows and abby cattanny dolls putting them on our hook with our names on it and even gave are year old sissys lunchmoney picked us up mmmmaaa mmmmaaa be good for misses Walton and big sissys and no haveing to go to cousins Nickey May are school princeable or cousin Vicky May are schools assistent princeable and then our year old cousins came into our pre school class and came over to us lifted us out of our desks and said theres our little year old cousins were sorry we dident say bye byes this morning but yall were still asleep but we did come into check up on yall yall looked so cute in yalls abby cattabby footie jammies under yalls abby cattabby blinkeys and with yalls abby cattabby dolls and this is what we were going to give yall this morning mmmmmmaaaaa squeaze behave for misses Walton and yalls big sissys mmmmaaaaaa squeaze behave for misses Walton and yalls big sissys mmmmmaaaaa make sure to eat yalls vegitabels mmmmaaaa make sure to eat yalls vegitabels squeaze and said now sweetys behave dont make them have taugh send yall down to our office for a spanking sweetys yes cousies yes cousies let us comes with yalls office todays sweetys sweetys we go through this evrey school day we said no sweetys just then they kissed them again just as there radios went off four kindergarden girls from misses Holes kindergarden class were fighting misses Nicholeson were responding then are older sissys got over there walkie talkies they were assisting and they went into the kindergarden class and all four gasped it was our older sissys Jenny May and Ginny May and two other little girls and they said Jenny May Ginny May Laurie Ann and Corey Ann yall brake it up and the four of them pulled the four of the kindergardeners apart and smacked the four of them on the back of there skirts four times realy realy hard and had them bawling there eyes out and lifted them all up and carried them to the princeables office and assistent princeables office and lifted there skirts and pulled down there panties and spanked there little year old girls behinds times realy realy hard waaahhh waaahhh and then there cousins were put on there laps and cuddeled and comferted and and the other two was sent out to there year old sissys who were student assistents in the spanking in school suspencsion room and they said naughty girls yall know better then to be fighting in school yall just wait till i get yalls little year old behinds home sweetys we will spank yalls bare behinds so good that yall wont be able to sit for a week young ladys and they were good the rest of the day even at lunchtime when there big sisys both had lunch dutie so did ours and all four of them being good friends were trying to encourge us to eat our vegitables then our cousins came over to help them and they ended up having to feed us and htne we napped and went home Friday, June rd PM Name Britany Jean Comments It was around a.m. the last day before christmas vacation and are year old twin sissys and were the student assistents in my and my twin sissy Barbie Sue and my pre school class said over the intercom from the livingroom ok yall time to go sweetys and in came down came my our year old twin sissys who were carying our year old selfs downstairs who were the sweetest to us and both also student assistents in our pre school class and our year old sissys put our cute little purple abby cattabby jackets on us and put the hood over our hood and abby cattaby gloves on us and took our abby cattabby blinkeys and abby cattabby pillows and dollys inside our backpack and checking with other making sure that are year old sissys remembered to give one of them lunch money and then came our year old third grade twin sissys are year old twin seconed grade 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Penicillin is frequently prescribed for people who have infections but you're going to find that garlic has anti bacterial an antiviral components to it that allow it to act as an antibiotic, although it's not as strong as penicillin. Obviously if you are consistently using garlic everyday something you might find out is the fact that your body will be able to fight off infection before it gets to the point where more powerful medicines are needed. If you do some research on the net you are going to see that garlic is suggested above all other natural products when it comes to being utilized as a natural antibiotic. You are able to also increase the affects of garlic for those of you who need to, by simply making sure you are taking vitamin C supplements together with your garlic.

Something many folks don't recognize is that diabetics and borderline diabetics can be greatly influenced by incorporating garlic to their diet plan. The combination of B1 and garlic can help your body to start producing the insulin that is supposed to be producing every day. Because this help your pancreas start to perform correctly again you are going to see that you might actually end up curing your diabetes and not have to take insulin shots ever again.

Based on studies which have been completed by the National Health & Medical research council you're going to find that a steady diet of garlic can help you decrease your cholesterol levels. People that have high cholesterol should like the point that they can wind up lowering it by 9% by just eating one clove of garlic each day, in accordance with the research that has been done.

One more thing I should mention about eating one clove of garlic today would be that you'll also have the ability to reduce high blood pressure. The way that you could lower your high blood pressure is because of this certain ingredients in garlic as they possess the ability of expanding blood vessels, allowing for proper blood flow. And one final thing I ought to point out is that when you actually do lower your high blood pressure you are reducing the risks of having a heart attack or stroke because of this.

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I am sure that you have noticed that increasing numbers of people these days are inflicted with a lot more diseases and illnesses than any other time in history. The reality that individuals are generally unhealthy and out of shape is one of the main reasons for this. Men and women who are over weight end up suffering from a lot more of these diseases then people who eat healthy and stay fit. Below we are going to review a few things you can do to help yourself to get healthier and also end up losing a couple pounds in the process.


Most people these days have so much going on in their lives that they can't find any time to exercise. However this is really essential for your over all body health. If you're one of those people who don't get any exercise, the majority of the food that you eat throughout the day ends up being stored as fat. You can even start getting a little exercise by just taking a walk or two every day. Getting a small amount of exercise is a lot better than getting absolutely no exercise at all.


Now with regard to the most important part involved with getting into shape, your daily diet. So many men and women end up going to the fast food places and grabbing a hamburger for their lunch because it is the easiest thing to do. But all that food that you eat from these fast food places are pretty much the worst kind of food you can eat. Should you actually be wanting a cheese burger, you should go to the store and acquire 90% lean burger and cook it by yourself with your grill. But there are additional things you need to be eating also and we will let you know about them here.


One of the main keys to eating healthy is to verify that you are getting a minimum of 5 servings of your vegetables and fruits each and every day. You may not fully grasp this but quite a few fruits and vegetables have vitamins and minerals which can actually help your body to fight illnesses in addition to some diseases. While I understand lots of people can't stand vegetables, just about every person likes fruit. So you can basically stock up on different types of fruits and eat them throughout the day. If of course you can choke down a few vegetables that would be much better but just eating fruit is certainly better than not eating any produce at all. Additionally try to eat your fruit and veggies prior to starting on your main course. When you start to fill up on your fruits and vegetables, you will wind up not being as hungry and perhaps won't eat the rest of the meal.


Mr. Baldwins works and opinions may fall by the wayside as time passes.The fact that Ms. Morrisonone of our best and most respected authorsput these collections together will certainly help keep Mr. Baldwins works alive.But if you have any interest in what it means to be African Americanin the twenties, to contemporary americathrough even tomorrowYou need to read and appreciate Mr. Baldwins insights.And you will also enjoy his clear, careful, and pointed writing.


This book was very interesting and i enjoyed the courage of a young black man to stand up for his rights.

Between and James Baldwin spent extended periods of time in Turkey, where he worked on many of his most important books. In this first indepth exploration of Baldwins Turkish decade, Magdalena J. Zaborowska reveals the significant role that Turkish locales, cultures, and friends played in Baldwins life and thought. Turkey was a nurturing space for the author, who by had spent nearly ten years in France and Western Europe and failed to reestablish permanent residency in the United States. Zaborowska demonstrates how Baldwins Turkish sojourns enabled him to reimagine himself as a black queer writer and to revise his views of American identity and U.S. race relations as the s drew to a close.

Following Baldwins footsteps through Istanbul, Ankara, and Bodrum, Zaborowska presents many never before published photographs, new information from Turkish archives, and original interviews with Turkish artists and intellectuals who knew Baldwin and collaborated with him on a play that he directed in . She analyzes the effect of his experiences on his novel Another Country and on two volumes of his essays, The Fire Next Time and No Name in the Street , and explains how Baldwins time in Turkey informed his ambivalent relationship to New York, his responses to the American South, and his decision to settle in southern France. James Baldwins Turkish Decade expands knowledge of Baldwins role as a transnational African American intellectual, casts new light on his later works, and suggests ways of reassessing his earlier writing in relation to ideas of exile and migration. ... Read more

Set in Greenwich Village, Harlem, and France, among other locales, Another Country is a novel of passionssexual, racial, political, artisticthat is stunning for its emotional intensity and haunting sensuality, depicting men and women, blacks and whites, stripped of their masks of gender and race by love and hatred at the most elemental and sublime. In a small set of friends, Baldwin imbues the best and worst intentions of liberal America in the early s. ... Read more

Recently, in a blog entry, I went on my soap box to speak about those now seemingly endless references, by black and white liberals alike, to the good old days of the black civil rights movement and how far the black liberation struggle has come here in America so that even one harried and vilified black man can be President of the United States. This sentiment is codified by the postracial aura or rather, in truth, the benign neglect aura that surrounds the subject of race lately. By reference to the the good old days these liberals have simply appropriated the catch words of Montgomery, Birmingham, and Selma, names, forever, associated with the highwater marks of resistance to black segregation back in the early s to their own uses. Moreover, to embellish the myth they have created a Martin Luther King who apparently was nothing short of the black messiah rather than a man made of clay, a great deal of clay, and in turn have emasculated Malcolm X, the real truth to power speaker on race of the era, into a harmless icon suitable for framing.

The author under review, James Baldwin, fortunately, would have none of that. He, in a less overtly inflammatory and more literary but nevertheless powerful way, was in that Malcolm X truth to power mode. And, my friends, some of his books, including Another Country make my case, and his case, far more eloquently than this writer ever could. Here is a man hard, hard churchbrought up as only fundamentalist churches can distort a child, preacher fatherraised and beatendown for doing things, right or wrong, racially put upon incessantly whenever he stepped outside the Harlem prisonghetto where he was sentenced yet who did not duck the hard, hard truth that native son he might be but invisible native son was the real program for those with black skin.

Another Country is another of those multithemed Baldwin efforts, the now familiar ones of interracial marriage, adultery, bi and homosexuality, the blindness of white racism, and the hard, hard fact of trying to be seen while black, poor, and gay in America and elsewhere, for that matter. The sexual and interracial scenes center on the relationships of various black and white characters of various sexual preferences who inhabit New Yorks s bohemian Greenwich Village with a little Left Bank, Paris vignette thrown in, or who want to. The most impressive aspect of this piece is the very strong sense that one gets that while the white characters are sympathetic to the blacks, in their own narrow way, they were clueless to the another country aspect of black existence. I have , repeatedly, made the point that that invisibleness, except now in certain high profile quarters, afflicts the perceptions of whites today as well. Thus, one can well afford to read this work with that continuing premise in mind rather than read it comfortably as some prepostracial screed. Thanks, James.

The categories that human beings turn to for intelligibility seem inescapablegay or straight, black or white, male or female.Despite the fact that such categories confer intelligibility, Baldwin is acutely aware they need to be resisted.So how to recognize what categories do to make ones humanity visible and at the same time resist them.This central issue is what this novel tries to figure out.Its answers are never comforting.

Somebody wrote that the past is another country.This is certainly true, but Baldwin was writing about contemporary America at the time, so by another country he didnt mean the past.Now, though, all the old hipster language, the incredible reliance on smoking and drinking, and the tons of race hatred and racial hypocrisy that suffused the s, definitely describe the past.Our hatreds, hypocrisies, and addictions have changed, our times throw up their own dilemmas.This most painful but powerful novel definitely will evoke another country nowAmerica in the s.But that wasnt Baldwins intent.

To me, the lives of a few Bohemians in Manhattan are also another country to which I only travelled once or twice, as a kind of young, ersatz tourist in sneakers from New England.The complex relationships, the lack of concrete ambitions or perhaps the lack of concrete action towards realizing those ambitions, the convoluted sexual connections, the addictions, the betrayals and jealousiesall belong to another country, a world outside usual America in the s and outside the life that most people have to live.

Then, for White America in the s, Black America was certainly another country, lessvisited than Tibet.Baldwin hammers home his views on blackwhite relationships and interactions, views that were red hot in , but rather passe now.But was this the other country he wanted to depict in the novel He has six main characters and two minor ones.Only two are black.If Black America was his other country he certainly went about describing it in a strange way.

For straight people, homosexual or bisexual relationships are another country.Baldwin wrote about this very vividly too.Fifty years ago homosexuality was shocking and a perfect representation of otherness for most people.He himself lived in that other, unknown country, and perhaps to escape the violence and hatred of both gender and race bigotry, he exiled himself, as does Eric in the novel, to another country across the ocean.

Real, lasting love with honesty is scarce in any era.Perhaps those few people who attain such a state can be said to live in another country, uncharted and undiscovered by the majority.Do any of the characters in ANOTHER COUNTRY actually reach this country Youll have to decide for yourself, but you can be sure that Baldwin stresses the pain and anguish it takes to get there.You might say that this novel focusses too tightly on a small, ingrown group of rather unatttractive people living in an unappealing bohemian mess.Betrayal, anger, suicide, weakness, jealousy, violent passions, and raw ambition mark the pages.But Baldwins masterly insight into human nature, his views of Americas race problems in his time, and his wonderful descriptions of New York make this a classic novel, one of th century Americas best.I found it a painful but gripping experience.The question of which country he writes about must be answered in each readers mind.

For the first relentless pages of this novel you know you are in the hands of a consumate artist.The brutal story of Rufus, a now homeless but once gifted, jazz drummer, starts off grim and gets progressively grimmer.Baldwins mix of rage and compassion is breathtaking and very emotionally effecting.

After the fury and punch in the gut honesty of the first pages, we get pages of stilted, tinear dialogue, cocktail party chit chat and purple zexy zexy prose. Baldwin lost his edge somewhere along the way.He had it without a doubt.But somehow he lost it.

We also get the character of a bisexual actor who cures both men and women of the their emotional problems simply by going to bed with them.

Neither of the major female characters quite manage to come alive and the story of the interracial love affair that probably was very daring in its day is rather dull, unconvincing and lifeless today.

After a furious sprint to start, Another Country dissipates and dissipates and finally limps to the finish.

I am tempted to think the first chapter of this book was written when Baldwin was still young and unknown and the rest was written after he had a few bestsellers and he had found the literary party circuit.That is purely conjecture on my part, but part of this book seemed to be written by a hungry lion and the rest of the book seems to have been written by a bloated fat cat.Just theorizing though.

Frustrating for what this book could have been.Because for a while there it came very close to being the best and bravest book ever written by an American. But midway through, he lost the edge. Amateur Cam Sex Web ddb2ee1b

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Free Adult Cd Chat visit the next internet site Gqwerpo765NbMM I could go on, but fortunately there is an excellent review of this book posted by D Cloyce Smith that gives additional insights. Baldwin remains relevant today, to indicate the distance we have traveled he ages quite well, within his final resting place high on the hill, overlooking the Mediterranean, at St. Paul de Vance. We can only speculate on what hed think seeing Blacks so fully integrated into media images, and how a certain segment of America has now decided to demonize Muslims.Even though this is not his greatest work, and his homosexuality will only come out in those, he still deserves the full stars for this collection of early essays.

Bearing the subtitle More Notes of a Native Son, Nobody Knows My Name is a followup to Baldwins earlier, more famous book. Originally published in national magazines between and , these essays are more mature, if less biting, than his first collectionand they are certainly just as witty. With one notable exception, they are timeless and trenchant commentaries on racial and cultural issues.

The first group of eight essays focuses on the political and social divides in the United States. The opening article reiterates the discovery he made in Notes of a Native Son that by living in Europe he paradoxically discovered what it means to be an American. Others examine the despicable inhumanity of a Harlem public housing project cheerless as a prison, the success of the student movement and the rise of Muslim power in black politics a very small echo of the black discontent now abroad in the world, and the first efforts to integrate Southern public schools the entire nation has spent a hundred years avoiding the question of the place of the black man in it. The two most memorable essays detail the daily bravery, trauma, and humiliations of a schoolboy who is the first black in an allwhite school and respond to Faulkners despicable remarks on race which were made when Faulkner was seemingly drunk and which were later repudiated when he was atypically sober.

The only disappointing essay is Princes and Power, an account of Le Congres des Ecrivains et Artistes Noirs Conference of NegroAfrican Writers and Artists. The internal disputes and lofty goals of this gatheringconvened to consider the history of EuroAfrican relations and the postcolonial cultural inventorydid not lack for interest, and Baldwin ably relates the tensions between and crosspurposes of American blacks and Africans. But, overall, he seems to be just phoning it in, muffling the obvious passions of the conference participants and highlighting instead the abstract academic tone.

The second and final group of five essays highlight cultural subjects. He follows a speech detailing the outline for an imaginary novel with biographical appraisals of Andre Gide, Ingmar Bergman, Richard Wright, and Normal Mailer. His eulogy for Wright, initially composed and published in three disparate parts, simultaneously expresses regret for Baldwins youthful criticism of the older author that resulted in the irreparable destruction of their friendship and recounts Wrights sad social decline he had managed to estrange himself from almost all of the younger American Negro writers in Paris ... who had discovered that Richard did not really know much about the present dimensions and complexity of the Negro problem here, and, profoundly, did not want to know.

But the gem of the collection is The Black Boy Looks at the White Boy, Baldwins tongueincheek account of his friendship with Normal Mailer, written both as notsosubtle payback for Mailers criticism of Baldwin in the selfindulgent Advertisements for Myself and as a tribute to Mailers talent and responsibility as an artist. After sending off a number of barbed yet goodnatured repartees, Baldwin acknowledges not only Mailers importance as a very good friend but also his worth as a writer. Baldwins assessment of that career serves at as fitting coda to Baldwins own essays His work, after all, is all that will be left when the newspapers are yellowed, all the gossip columnists silenced, and all the cocktail parties over, and when Norman and you and I are dead.

For my humanities class I was instructed to read an autobiography of my choice. Through shuffling through the library for an autobiography that I can actually read and appreciate I stumbled across this great James Baldwin title. Nobody Knows My Name is a collection of his writing while he was self exiled in Europe. I opened the book with excitment and urgency. As the words regestired in my head I began to realize that the experiences he described articulated exactly how I feel as a black man in American society.

Each essay discussing another aspect of society or the life of a black man in the world I grasped with utter enthusasim. His observations and theories were articulate critical and insightful. James Baldwins tales of another continent are intising and informative of where our society was and how it is still the same in many ways.

If you are interested in Baldwins previous writings or African American authors and perspective I know you will enjoy this combiation of essays.

what i love about baldwin is that he does not have delusions of grandeur about himself unlike many blacks in the public sphere.this book of essays on society and his personal experiences in the US and abroad is majestic bc baldwin has a way of writing about complexities of people and societal issues in an introspective yet practical way.although i was impressed with every essay, his essay on richard wright was mindblowing.BUT YOU HAVE TO READ IT FOR YOURSELFi think it is a great book for black and latin men to doing so many bruhs if they are honest will find that they are as similar baldwin as we like to believe are are to malcolm x.either way, you do not go wrong as both were great human short, i was totally edified by this text.It will easily make my top list which is very, very, very difficult.

Old Greek Stories is presented here in a high quality paperback edition. This popular classic work by James Baldwin is in the English language. If you enjoy the works of James Baldwin then we highly recommend this publication for your book collection. ... Read more

This is a book of Greek mythology which I assumed would be for adults, but its obviously for kids. It has stories of Jupiter, Venus, Juno and other gods, and familiar tales like Prometheus giving fire to humans, Medusa and Perseus, Atalanta and the apples, and more. I deliberately and happily know nothing about kids, so I have no idea what age group the book is appropriate for.

Originally published in , James Baldwins first nonfiction book has become a classic. These searing essays on life in Harlem, the protest novel, movies, and Americans abroad remain as powerful today as when they were written.

He named for me the things you feel but couldnt utter. . . . Jimmys essays articulated for the first time to white America what it meant to be American and a black American at the same time.

Recently, in a blog entry, I went on my soap box to speak about those now seemingly endless references, by black and white liberals alike, to the good old days of the black civil rights movement and how far the black liberation struggle has come here in America so that even one harried and vilified black man can be President of the United States. This sentiment is codified by the postracial aura or rather, in truth, the benign neglect aura that surrounds the subject of race lately.By reference to the the good old days these liberals have simply appropriated the catch words of Montgomery, Birmingham, and Selma, names, forever, associated with highwater marks of resistance back in the early s to their own uses.Moreover, to embellish the myth they have created a Martin Luther King who apparently was nothing short of the black messiah rather than a man made of clay, a great deal ofclay, and in turn have emasculated Malcolm X, the real truth to power speaker on race of the era, into a harmless icon suitable for framing.

The author under review, James Baldwin, fortunately, would have none of that. He, in a less overtly inflammatory and more literary but nevertheless powerful way, was in that Malcolm X truth to power mode. And, my friends, some of the essays in this book make my case, and his case, far more eloquently than this writer ever could. Here is a man hard, hard churchbrought up as only fundamentalist churches can distort a child, preacher fatherraised and beatendown for doing things, right or wrong, racially put upon incessantly whenever he stepped outside the Harlem prisonghetto where he was sentenced yet who did not duck the hard, hard truth that native son he might be but invisible native son was the real program for those with black skin.

And why is James Baldwin a truthteller, a talentedtenth truthteller who has something to teach us today in racially benignly neglectful America. Well, read about his Harlem of the s and s. Sound familiar Read about his going South in those days, not the urban corridor South but the outskirts Sound familiar Read the title essay about a proud black man James father beaten down by the deeply internalized pathologies that race and poverty create. Hell, even read his little puff piece about protest social novels where he takes his literary distance from his Native Son father, Richard Wright. Yes, a few more James Baldwins are on the order of the day. Let the liberals have their old timey memories. Just stay out of James way.

One of my alltime favorite books.Baldwin writes about racism in Harlem to American displacement abroad and conveys loss of identity in a way anyone can relate.

Notes of A Native Son, a series of essays written by James Baldwin in the late s and early s, still has many relevant things to say about the topics it covers, mainly race in America, nearly forty years after its publication. Baldwin takes on many subjectshe bites the hand of his former mentor, Richard Wright in some old fashioned younger writer states why he is free from his older counselor style in Everybodys Protest Novel.Baldwin fights for the writers right to create not from any political or social agenda, but merely for arts sake.But he also has trenchant and pointed things to say about race in American, and about whiteblack relations in general.In the concluding essay, Stranger in the Village he writes of the experience of being the first person of Africa descent to visit a small Swiss village.The prose is insightful and bold the observations cutting and remorseless.Notes of A Native Son fully deserves its place in the pantheon of contemporary American classics.

Baldwins reasoning, deduction and ability to convey deeply personal thoughts with such command and authority are part of what make this book of essays so riveting.

In Notes of a Native Son I began to understand more about the author through his relationship, or lack of relationship, with his father. And in Equal in Paris or Stranger in the Village, I was transported into a dimension of racial prejudice that I have never experienced through prose before. As powerful today as it was then. A must read.


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In relation to living healthy you're going to see that there are foods which can actually help you achieve this and something which may surprise you is garlic might be one of the best foods of all. You're going to find that the health advantages of garlic isn't something that is not new as individuals have known for thousands of years that this is really a food which carries lots of benefits. While garlic is really a food you're going to find that it has been called a wonder drug by many doctors as well as health care professionals. Below you are going to be surprised to find all the different things that garlic can help with, this includes various diseases and health risks.


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Another thing that people do not understand is that garlic can in fact end up reducing your cholesterol based on the National Health & Medical research council. People that have high cholesterol should like the point that they are able to wind up lowering it by 9% by just eating one clove of garlic each day, according to the research that's been done.


And together with lowering your cholesterol levels you're going to find that you can also lower your blood pressure levels at the same time. Garlic actually helps your body pump the blood easier throughout your body by expanding your blood vessels, and this needless to say winds up lowering your blood pressure. You should also realize that when your blood is flowing smoother you'll also be lowering the risks of having a heart attack or stroke because of high blood pressure.




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or, C.W. . Muridae recorded from Victoria. Memoirs of the National Museum of Victoria, Melbourne pls

Brazenor, C.W. . Two new rats from Central Australia. Memoirs of the National Museum of Victoria, Melbourne pl.

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Breed, W.G. . Further observations on spermatozoal morphology and male reproductive tract anatomy of Pseudomys and Notomys species Mammalia Rodentia. Transactions of the Royal Society of South Australia

Breed, W.G. . Early embryonic development and ovarian activity during concurrent pregnancy and lactation in the hoppingmouse Notomys alexis. Australian Journal of Zoology

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The Secrets To Conquer Constant Fatigue

As a kid you may remember that you always had a zest for life and the only time you felt exhausted was just before going to bed. Surely this is the intention with life. Work and play hard during the day, then sleep deeply and be renewed upon awakening. Maybe with age you have become like lots of other individuals, always feeling worn out and sluggish. It generally means limited quality time with your young children and your spouse, and non-participation in activities, because you are too tired. Here are some tips that will help you beat feeling exhausted constantly.

Begin with a medical checkup, in order to make sure that there are no physiological causes underlying your listlessness. How you feel may be brought on by some foods, so monitor your diet and how your energy level is impacted. Exhaustion can be symptomatic of gluten intolerance, for instance, which to be remedied would require your diet to undergo a sweeping transformation. A diet that in general is bad could also result in a lack of energy, so making a few adjustments in this regard could result in a huge improvement. If you're overweight, this will impact on your energy levels, so you must commit to more healthy eating on a daily basis.

Kids are ceaselessly energetic at least partially since they're always in motion and having a great time. As people age they usually become less active overall, and sometimes you even see them sitting around, just relaxing, being inactive. It is possible that simply introducing more activity, more movement, walking outside in the fresh air, could change you from feeling tired to more energetic. If you are feeling fatigued, exercise will be the last thing you want to do, but maybe all you need to start feeling more energetic is to prevail over the resistance and actually take some exercise. One thing that could be fun as well as introduce the possibility of new friendships, is signing up for a keep fit class, which today is available for all ages.

If you are feeling distressed this could be the reason for your feelings of exhaustion, which could be evident even after you have just woken up. It may also impact on how well you sleep, so learning to calm down is vital. This could be combined with making a commitment to exercise based on the sort of activity you decide on. In addition, you should notice that you are able to sleep better and wake up feeling rejuvenated.

If you follow these ideas you should start to feel less exhausted and have much more energy in your life.

military are stationed around the world right now and it is very disturbing to contemplate their peril and to reflect on the political reasons for why they are risking their lives. Often it makes me feel guilty to sit at home, to go to the beach, or do any of the number of things I do in my easy life. I always make sure to keep our troops in my prayers. A few minutes ago I came across this article written by a US soldier and found it very important, troubling, and touching. Please read it if you have a chance.

I am in the lobby of the hotel where Ive been staying this past week. This is my last day here. Tonight I will be switching to a different hotel where I will have Internet access in my room. Finally I can begin posting in the members area again and actually doing a little bit of other work since I wont have to worry about anyone looking over my shoulder and seeing naked photos while Im using my laptop.

My trip out here to Miami has had both pleasant and unsettling moments. Quite often OK, almost all the time I found myself thinking about past relationships and various things I have screwed up in my life. At some point it hit me that most of my relationships failed because I approached them with too much urgency, the same urgency with which I have approached my career and everything else in my life. My feardriven determination has enabled me to make a living in a tough business all these years. I have no family and nowhere to turn if I fail so Ive made sure to keep the money flowing. Many times I have heard people refer to the easy money that can be earned in the adult industry. There is no easy money here. Trust me. I chose to be a part of this business and I dont regret it, but I and everyone else in this industry who has had any longevity have dealt with a bunch of crap. Photographers, directors, and strip club customers started telling me that I was old, fat, and ugly when I was eighteen years old. Yeah, I heard compliments too, but the flattery and insults began morphing into one big blob of bullshit many years ago. I have trouble believing anything that anyone says anymore.

In years past exboyfriends would often ask me Why cant you just relax I just couldnt. At every moment I was preparing myself for the day when no one would hire me anymore and I could no longer make any money dancing. The clock was ticking. I religiously worked out every day, bought real estate, and invested in the stockmarket while I waited for the axe to fall. Any day could be my last day although I wasnt really sure how I would know it was the last day. It just seemed that I could not waste time doing anything other than working, working out, or worrying about my nebulous future. Relaxation did not fit into my agenda.

I had a few longterm relationships and I drove my boyfriends crazy by overanalyzing everything, constantly looking for any sign or nuance in their behavior that would indicate that they were sick of me. Oh, they got sick of me all right. My allencompassing, unrelenting state of anxiety must have infected their psyches too. It must have sucked to hang out with someone who was constantly bracing herself for The Last Day of her career and The Last Day of her romantic relationship. I examined everything with manic scrutiny, ever vigilant for the inevitable harbingers of doom that would signal the demise of my relationship and the death of my career. This past week I finally realized that my neurotic fixations have caused two things to happen in my life

Constantly looking for problems has enabled me to earn a nice living for myself because I take steps to correct the problems that I do find and thus I remain prosperous.

Constantly looking for problems has screwed up almost every romantic relationship in my life because I create a maelstrom of anxiety that never subsides regardless of how much reassurance my partner tries to give me.

What enables me to make money is precisely what pushes people away from me. How did I get this old without figuring it out sooner Im perpetually looking for problems so I can solve them. I had some good relationships but I was always anticipating the worst and trying to find issues that probably did not even exist. All those years I was just trying too darned hard because thats what I thought that I needed to do. So what lead to my realizing all this while walking on the beach in Miami Well, I was thinking about a friend of mine. She also works in the adult industry. This woman is beautiful, sexy, successful financially, and almost always alone. Like me she has no family and is completely selfreliant. I used to think that men shied away from her because she is so independent. Then a few days ago I started to realize that the issue is probably something completely different. She tries to force stuff. Her intensity and determination are obvious from the time you meet her. Those qualities enable her to make a lot of money, but I think they also scare people off. She just tries too hard to make people like her and then becomes quietly hateful towards them if they dont react how she wants them to. I think I do the same thing and its not a good way to go through life.

Today is Easter Sunday and I will be sitting in a hotel room eating pizza by myself. I could have been home with friends in LA, but solitude seems more fitting right now. I feel very peaceful after writing this and I am not sad. Over and over and over throughout the years people have advised me to relax and enjoy life and to sit back and let good things come. I used to think they were crazy, but Im starting to realize that my life would be richer if I would stop compulsively overanalyzing my relationships with others and trust in the notion that I will attract good people. In fact, I am blessed to have several wonderful, very close friends. The future looks bright and I no longer will spend my time worrying about The Last Day of my career or The Last Day of any relationship. I can run adult websites even if I am old and gray and I will eventually settle down with someone until I am old and gray. My goal is to make this The Last Day of chronic anxiety.

Happy Easter to all and may God Bless our troops who are serving our country all over the world.

This morning I woke up around am or so. I had already slept for eight hours, but I wanted to stay in bed. My mind was trying to untangle something, but I had no idea what it was. I drifted off to sleep again, feeling relaxed and hoping my dreams would illuminate whatever I needed to know. At some point later I dreamt that I was in a messy, cluttered house. All of a sudden I saw my beloved white kitty Samantha who passed on in frolicking with a dog. I could not get her to come to me. She looked good, larger than ever with a healthylooking coat. Something appeared odd about a section of her body near one of her hind legs. I tried calling to her and attempted to get closer to her so I could examine her and see if she was injured. She kept running with the darkcolored dog and then vanished somewhere in the house. At that point I became aware that my dear friend Al who passed on last November was coming to see me. I saw him approach the house through the window. He peered through the same window into the room where I was standing with a great deal of anticipation. He could not yet see me, but I knew he was very, very much looking forward to it. He rang the doorbell and I went to answer it. When I opened the door he and I looked at each other with great affection and meaning. We both smiled and then hugged each other. I woke up after that and looked at the clock. It was nearly am this morning.

A friend of mine has a book about dream interpretation. Months ago I had a dream about my dog Shelby. I think she has probably passed on, but Im not sure. She lived with me and my exboyfriend many years ago and he kept her after our breakup. My friend looked up the significance of dreaming about a deceased pet in his book and found that supposedly it meant that Shelby was trying to warn me of something. If she looked bedraggled then it meant that she had really struggled hard to get the warning to me. I reflected on all this this morning. Samantha had looked healthy and happy in this mornings dream, but something had appeared strange about that one section of her body. Was she trying to warn me of something

An hour later, after several cups of coffee, I left to go jogging. The dream was haunting me a bit, but it felt good to be outside jogging and listening to music. Within a mile or two I happened to notice an older Cadillac with fancy rims and darktinted windows passing by at a high rate of speed. Later on I slowed down and started walking because I was tired. Shortly after that a heavily tattooed, shirtless man rounded a corner and began running towards me. He did not look like a typical jogger and from a distance I judged him to be a somewhat healthy member of a rock band who was out getting some exercise. Dont know why I thought that, but I did. As he drew closer we nodded at each other and then he paused so he could ask me directions. I looked into his face and saw the unmistakable eyes of an exconvict. His teeth were really bad and all his tattoos had the coloration of jailhouse tattoos. I told him I was just visiting and did not know how to get to the beach that he had mentioned. He asked where I was from and I told him. He looked at my face more closely and then down at the tentsized tshirt I was wearing. He read the logos on my shirt and told me I was beautiful. I smiled and turned to go. He extended his hand and introduced himself. I wiped off my sweaty palm on my shirt, shook his hand, and told him my name. The coolness of his hand and the relaxed confidence of his handshake struck me. He wanted to keep talking, but I turned to go.

I walked away and then noticed the old Cadillac with black windows parked a short distance away. Obviously it belonged to the man I had just encountered. I kept thinking about him as I trudged down the road. Then I saw the Cadillac pass me. And then it passed me again. And again. He did a slow driveby the next time and stared at me. I smiled politely and nodded at him. My experience with exconvicts has taught me to always remain courteous with them until they give you a solid reason to react with anger. Some of them are volatile enough to become violent over any type of perceived transgression and some of them are selfdestructive enough that they dont care if they end up back in prison or not. Others of them are really cool people. This tattooed man had so far not done anything beyond flirting with me even if he was doing it in a creepy, aggressive manner. I kept on walking, intending to head towards a busier street. The Cadillac reappeared before I could do so. This time he drove onto the wrong side of the street where I was walking, coming scarily close to me with the front of his car. His window was rolled down about halfway and he kept telling me I was beautiful and asking me to come closer to his car. I knew that he might purposely hit me with the Caddy so I giggled n a friendly, halfjoking manner and said

I walked more quickly as I said this, but I kept smiling. In the past I have defused similar situations by not reacting with fear or hatred or outrage at the obvious threat looming in front of me. It saved me because it gave my deranged, wouldbe assailant an opportunity to change his course of action without feeling that he had been punked by a woman. Hopefully this dude would abandon his attempts to intimidate me and just drive off. For the moment he kept driving closer to my legs and I just continued walking as he encouraged me to approach his window. I knew that he was probably fondling himself and wanted me to see him do it. Finally he veered the car towards me at an angle so it ended up blocking the path in front of me. I stopped and looked right at him. He was reaching with both hands to pick up something that was concealed next to his seat. I knew he was about to pull out a gun and I said or did I shout No and began running up on somebodys front lawn to get away from him. I was running for my life and I heard a car accelerate behind me. I looked over my shoulder to see if he was about to run me down with the Cadillac. At that moment I realized that a minivan had turned the corner and its engine was the one that I had heard. In the same instant I locked eyes with the tattooed man and he raised his hands off the steering wheel and mouthed the words okay, okay at me through the windshield to indicate that he would stop pursuing me. I continued running in the direction of a busy street and willed myself to calm down. A few minutes later I was still filled with adrenaline but telling myself that everything was fine because it was. I ran down the sidewalk and passed a bench full of people who were waiting for a bus. I noticed that all three of them quickly retracted their legs as I went by. In reality I had not been close enough to trip over their legs, but they must have sensed some weird type of emotional energy coming off me.

I arrived back at my hotel and took a shower. That mans handshake had been so cool and so confident. I lathered up my body and stayed underneath the spray of hot water for a long time.

Still no WiFi access in my room so Ive got my laptop down here in the lobby. Spring Break is in full swing here in South Florida. My hotel is booked to capacity. At the moment I am the only person who is fully dressed and typing on a computer. That will change momentarily, but I just wanted to say hello to all of you members. Hope everyone is having a nice week

I still cannot enter the members area because I cannot access the Internet from my hotel room. The only place I can get online is in the lobby. Normally I post every day on the members bulletin board but I cant really pull that up on the computer when there are so many people around. Fortunately there is a back door entrance into this blog so I can write stuff here without naked photos popping up on my computer screen.

Turns out that it is the collegiate Spring Break time of year. I had not considered that when I booked my trip. Fortunately I have no problem being around drunken teenagers in bikinis

Well, I better get back out to the beach. Hope all you members had a fun St. Patricks Day and are doing well. I didnt do anything special yesterday since no one else around here did either. As you might expect there does not seem to be a large Irish population here in South Florida.

I am sitting in the lobby of a hotel in Miami. The WiFi in my room is not working so I cant enter the members area of the site right now. There are too many passersby in this part of the hotel and, as all members know, there are naked photos surrounding the bulletin board where I normally post my daily greetings. So for the moment I will just Hello on this blog. Miami is beautiful. I walked for hours on the beach and now Im really sore and my eyes are starting to close. Tomorrow I will find a more private WiFi spot so I can get back on the members bulletin board.Hope everyone is doing well Uk. - Live Adult Chat With Horny UK ffad8fecd

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Duncan has established a reputation around the greater Los Angeles area. It seems that he lives with his parents in order to have enough money to make the payments on his brand new Mercedes. He likes people to see him wheeling into the parking lots of trendy clubs and fancy restaurants in his flashy vehicle. It helps him attract women. Duncan only looks for one night stands. If he dated a woman twice she might find out about his living arrangements and wonder why he has no job except his paper route. Duncan has been delivering the morning newspaper in his neighborhood since he turned nine years old. Most of the regulars frequenting the local nightclub scene know about that so Duncan targets ladies from out of town.

On one unseasonably warm November evening Duncan comes careening into the driveway of Dennys VIP club at a high rate of speed. He decelerates quickly as a fetching redhead catches his eye. His tires screech on the pavement as he slams on the brakes. The commotion catches the attention of the redhaired beauty who favors him with a glance before disappearing into the club. Duncan chases her inside because he has never seen her before. She doesnt know about his paper route or the bunk bed that he has slept in for his entire lifetime and hes hoping that he can get her drunk, lure her out to his Mercedes, and bang her in the back seat.

It turns out that the redheads name is Shannon. She seems interested in Duncan and his excitement builds as they keep talking. Within a few minutes Shannon invites him to her home. Although surprised Duncan enthusiastically agrees to join her. Vague warning bells are going off in his blond head, but Duncan ignores them. After all, he thinks to himself, what can some dumb broad do to him that he cant handle He chuckles inwardly and then escorts Shannon outside, enjoying the envying glances of other men in the club. A few of them notice that hes flashing a thumbsup signal at them behind her back. Everyone wonders how the alluring redhead can even tolerate his company.

A mere ten minutes later Duncan and Shannon arrive at her home. Duncan is already unzipping his fly when Shannon seizes control of the situation in a totally unexpected manner..

How did Shannon manage to overpower and completely dominate Duncan Is Duncan able to survive the brutal facesittingsmothering torture that ensues Buy Smothered by Shannon at my Custom Video Theatre to find out all the answers now

Dr. Freudenia, played by Francesca Le, runs a successful psychiatric practice catering to superheroines. Her patients suffer from a variety of mental disturbances, many of them caused by post traumatic stress disorder. Superheroine Terra Danyell seeks out the expertise of Dr. Freudenia because she is haunted by memories of beatings she suffered at the hands of villainness Lynx played by Stacy Burke. Lynx had tortured Terra with several different episodes of extreme bellypunching brutality. Oddly, Terra feels intense pangs of arousal when she reflects on the belly punches. She desperately needs the services of Dr. Freudenia to cure her of her inappropriate, lustfilled thoughts. Unbeknownst to the fairhaired superheroine Dr. Freudenia utilizes some extremely unorthodox methods of treatment. Often the crafty doctor forces her patients to subject themselves yet again to the very torment that caused their emotional trauma.

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At the moment I am locked out of the members area, probably because I used my password at home and then again a few hours later after I flew to Vegas. The system banned me because I appeared to be someone who was sharing my user info with a friend. Im busted by my own security.

Anyways, I just wanted to say hello to all members. Ill be back on the board in a few hours. Hopefully some of you will be coming to the Adult Expo also. Summer and I would love to see you

Have I mentioned that Summer and I will be at booth at the upcoming Adult Entertainment Expo from January

Rich bitch Tanya Danielle is waiting for her valet to carry in the new purchases that she made during her shopping expedition. She just hired this new valet, Francesca Le, because her five former valets had either quit or committed suicide in the past year. Tanya sighs with disgust as she waits for Francesca to deposit the boxes and bags onto her bed. She doesnt think Francesca is moving fast enough. It annoys Tanya to no end that she even has to pay the proletariat to serve her. She thinks that they should do it for free. When her servants are not working with enough alacrity Tanya feels entitled to give them a quick shove or a kick in the shins to hasten their progress. At the moment Tanya is gearing up to abuse Francesca but Francesca speedily exits the room after setting Tanyas stuff on the bed. Tanya forgets all about her and begins admiring the new clothing that she had bought. So enrapt is she in her activity that she does not hear Francesca sneaking up behind her. Its too late by the time Francesca grabs her savagely by the arm. Francescas fingers clamp down on Tanyas undeveloped bicep and she hisses these words into Tanyas ear

Were you looking forward to another day of debasing your employees, you stuckup, rich bitch Well, guess what Today is going to be different. Do you know who I am

Do you know who I am Francesca demands again, shoving her face mere millimeters away from Tanyas eyeballs.

Im one of your neighbors you stupid, oblivious cunt and Ive been watching how you treat your staff. Now Im going to teach you a lesson that you will not be able to forget I guarantee that you will never abuse another employee again after Im done with you. Youve been waiting a lifetime for the beatdown Im about to give to you

Turns out that it wasnt just a mere beatdown that Tanya suffered at the hands of her neighbor. Click here for a preview and then join TanyaDanielle. com to see this mindwarping assault in its entirety

I decided to hire a coach because I had turned into a fat, lazy slob. The weight gain had happened gradually as I worked less and less often. Dancing used to keep me in halfway decent shape, but I wasnt doing much of that anymore since most strip clubs had started going sharply downhill in recent years. I dreaded the thought of working in a club amongst women willing to give handjobs to customers for . Consequently, I began sitting home day after day and getting fatter and fatter. Empty wine bottles piled up in my recycle bin. Occasionally I would toss an empty vodka bottle on top of them just to break the monotony. I grew disgusted with myself. Even my neighbor, Mr. Hunter, felt compelled to talk to me about my corpulence.

I know a really good conditioning coach. he said. He works right here in our neighborhood and has access to a wrestling ring. Why dont you give him a call to see if he can put you through some workouts His name is Duncan and here is his number.

I pondered the idea for a few days before I finally decided to call Duncan. He and I spoke for a while on the phone and I explained my predicament. I told him everything, all the sickening details of my slothful existence.

Will I need to stop drinking to get in shape I asked him after I finished spilling out my tale of woe.


Cool info about health living for everyone

Whether you might be into green living or not, you would be wise to make use of green medicine for your health. Green medicine uses your body's natural capacity to fix itself. Instead of using prescriptions to help you deal with a serious illness, it brings together good diet, adequate nutrition, and regular detoxification. Avoiding poisonous substances in the environment and choosing to live a clean environmentally friendly lifestyle. Allopathic western medicine treats almost all disease by using chemical drugs, many of which are incredibly toxic and have to be used continuously whenever the disease recurs.Even though they're not the most perfect answer, pharmaceutical drugs have their own place in medicine. The main concern is that each side believes it is 100% correct in its approach to medicine. Countless men and women have testified about the effectiveness of green medicine in dealing with serious diseases. Men and women generally hesitate to use green medicine because it calls for changing lifestyle as well. Way too many people would rather continue their own harmful habits and simply take a pill to be well.Personal, as well as neighborhood and worldwide responsibilities make up the three fundamental levels of green living. Beneficial, wholesome, healthy food ought to be practiced in the home. Local involvement helps to keep the natural environment clean in cities and small communities. Worldwide green is where all people are working to protect the earth along with the soils, forests, and air. To take care of our individual well being, we need to routinely take a regimen of natural supplements. In order to efficiently fight against disease and maintain health, everyone must take regular vitamins, minerals, and other crucial nutritional elements.A detox program helps people to rid their bodies of the toxins that they ingest in their food, air, and water. A good diet composed of organic food is essential if you wish to keep your health. Organic food, both animal or plant, has a lot more nutrients as well as fewer toxic chemicals. As more and more people learn how food affects the body, it is becoming easier to go green. With this growing demand for food that is grown naturally, many local grocery stores now carry organic food. As you eat much better food, you will have better health. Because nutrition can be diminished whenever food is trucked from one location to another, it is far better to eat locally grown organic food.As an experiment, have organic foods for several days and then examine how you feel when you switch back to the foods you were originally eating. Green water is actually as significant as natural food. Thoroughly clean water is necessary for good health. Quite a few people believe fluoride is harmful, and chlorine has been shown to be detrimental to health. Many different drug residues have contaminated our drinking water. Any time you drink water that has not been purified, you are really ingesting small amounts of drugs even if you yourself have never used them. Not any water filter system is perfect, but any of them is better than nothing at all. For a non-toxic home, make an effort to work with only green products if you clean. It requires some energy, but if you are serious about your quality of life you should keep your house free of chemicals as much as possible. With the growing interest in all things green, when more and more people consider greener medicine, there will be less toxic medicine with less toxic drugs. The benefits shall be optimistic for everyone concerned.